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Sisters With Stethoscopes

Education is one of our passions at SWL. One of our initiatives is to encourage more women to pursue and thrive within the medical field. This sector is called Sisters With Stethoscope's and is comprised of over 1000 health care professionals and prospects. Every month we hold meetings and conversations via Clubhouse. Be sure to join our room- Sisters with Stethoscopes! We hold forums to answer questions and educate on various health topics- such as the COVID pandemic. We also hold conversations for women interested in joining the health field! We discuss everything from study strategies, application help to exam prep! With this initiative, our goal is to educate our community and encourage women to learn and advance in their medical careers.

Sectors: What We Do
Kids in Technology Class

Sisters in STEM

Through our Sisters in STEM sector we speak to classrooms and encourage the next generation to pursue the STEM field. 
Role models matter, particularly for women. Even more so for women of color, first generation immigrants, people from low SES backgrounds and for the disabled. When the draw-a-scientist study (DAST) study was first conducted over 50 years ago with elementary school students in the US and Canada, only twenty-eight of the 5,000 students (0.06%) drew a female scientist.
When it was repeated with a similar cohort of American students in 2018, 24% of the students drew a female scientist. It is definitely progress but, we have a longer way to go. The results demonstrate how entrenched restrictive gender stereotypes still are for women and, more so, how vital it is to raise the visibility of female role models for girls and women, particularly those succeeding in fields long dominated by men.
We aim to increase participation in STEM across socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. We can tailor our talk to our audience. This programming is open and available to all genders and ages. Please book a consultation for more information.

Sectors: Who We Are
Image by David Lezcano

Limitless Book Club

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body"

The Limitless Book Club is open to all women (ages 16+) we read books together on various topics from Self Confidence to Christianity. We read the selected book over the course of two months and we hold biweekly discussions via zoom to discuss. You will also be added to our private group! Please fill out the attached form to sign up to join the book club!

Sectors: Who We Are
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