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Our Curriculum

Every girl in our program is considered a S.I.S.T.E.R- Stands In Strength, Ease & Respect. Sister is not only an acronym but, a promise! Within the curriculum, our girls have the opportunity to connect and build friendships with other like-minded girls. Once a sister, always a sister- as you progress through the levels of our curriculum; there are opportunities for volunteering, sister socials and our yearly banquet where we celebrate all of our sisters. This is not only a curriculum; but, a true community- a sisterhood! 

We have a comprehensive curriculum, called C.R.E.S.T, encompasses 5 categories- Christianity, Relationships, Education, Self love and Temperance-  we believe our essential to being a well-rounded woman of purpose. 

In our Christ curriculum, we guide our girls to build a relationship with Christ through understanding how to pray, how to read the bible and also the fundamentals of Christianity. Relationships are how we navigate through the world- whether it be with your family, your teachers or even eventually your significant others. In our Relationship curriculum, we prepare our girls to defeat shyness and speak confidently, listen attentively, carry themselves and treat others in a respectful manner, as well as build and maintain good relationships.

 Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world! In this curriculum, we inspire our girls to take their education seriously, share study skills, create plans for their future goals and teach them the importance of persevering! Even though our girls are beautiful and may wear nice dresses- they are no damsels in distress! In our Self Love course we teach girls to love themselves, walk in authenticity and have the confidence to be their true selves. We can not choose what happens to us; but, we can choose how we respond.' In our Temperance curriculum, we teach our girls how to convey their emotions and develop emotional intelligence. It is imperative to have healthy ways to cope with emotions and have the tools to handle conflict, deal with bullies, unkind words, and whatever else life may throw their way. With access to these resources, our girls will have the ability to deal with any situation and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. Check out the “Join a Class!” tab to register.

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Our curriculum is split into three different cohorts based on age. While the main categories CREST- Christ, Relationship, Education, Self love and Temperance remain the same across the board; the content matures with and is tailored depending on age.

You have the option of signing up for individual courses, topics or joining the complete program! Each topic has 5 lessons. With each completed topic, a charm is earned! Our charm bracelets, are more than a cute reward and accessory! They are a visual reminder of the curriculum, our sisters have underwent and remind them of their accomplishments and to always walk in authenticity. For a more in depth summary of our classes- check out our "Join a Class" page!

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Ages 5-8

Its never too early to plant good seeds! In the sprout curriculum, we sow seeds on the principles of our 5 pillars. We discuss everything from the basic steps of building confidence to having good manners to dealing with feelings appropriately!


Ages 9-13

Adolescence brings new hurdles! In this curriculum, we discuss more age related topics like dealing with bullies, public speaking skills, emotional regulation, conflict resolution and the art of conversation!


Ages 14+

In this curriculum, we discuss everything:  dating, peer pressure, career planning, spiritual development, advocating for yourself, discipline- these are just the tip of the iceberg! In this curriculum, we offer well-rounded, age-appropriate content.


Ages 18+

Individual topics centered around femininity, networking skills, networks walking in purpose, Christianity, higher education and emotional regulation.

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