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From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of Sisters without Limitations

April 9, 2021

What started off as a conversation between two friends, has quickly transformed into a nationwide movement for women of all ages and backgrounds to engage in life-changing curriculum and dialogues. 
Shantel Ericsson first got this idea through her mentoring and speaking with girls in her community. She noticed that there was a lack of confidence and lack of resources to help women walk in authenticity and be proud of the people they were. She also realized in her own community as a medical student- many women were kind and open to helping each other but, had little to no opportunities to connect and do so.
Thus our sector- Sisters with Stethoscopes was born. Within it we hold monthly conversations via the app Clubhouse. We educate worldwide on various health related topics and we connect women within the medical sector with each other. We have amassed over 1000 members worldwide and educated over 3000 people.  
After seeing success and the impact of Sisters with Stethoscopes; and, remembering the need for programming in the younger generation- Sisters Without Limitations was born! We believe women are the future and we should be intentional with our growth and development. Cultivating who we are in adolescence has strong ties to our lives and beliefs about ourselves as adults. This movement has impacted the lives of so many young women already and we are excited to continue to change the world one girl at a time!

Multi Ethnic Girls
From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of Sisters without Limitations: News
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